It's alive!

30 Sep 2009

I'm sure I'm going to have about 50 "It's alive" posts this semester. I got my stuff from sparkfun the other day and got the AVR dev board and the rangefinder up and running.

There's my fresh attiny2313 displaying some sweet text on the LCD. Nothing like fresh LCD drivers in the morning. Luckily I didn't write the LCD driver, but then again after giving the code a once over I decided it wouldn't have been that bad.

We have bigger and better things to do than writing LCD drivers, like reading the PWM signal that my MaxBotix sonar rangefinder is putting out.

I hooked that baby (the rangefinder) up last night and watched it blink an LED, where the amount of time the LED was on during blinks indicated the distance is was seeing. Sonnie thought it was fun and said, "I wish we had one of those in our home to play with. Oh wait -- we do." Yes, we do. We have one in our home. But will it work with the 2313? Stay tuned to find out...
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