On to the next one...

05 Mar 2010

Well, everything went well with my senior project (except it never did get off the ground). It was still an awesome learning experience. If only I had bought bigger motors...

I've recently taken a job working with Dr. Winstead in the ECE department at USU. I'm working on a system that detects when horses are distressed so they can get help before they die. You can read more on the project here. The system is based on an AVR+ZigBee module, which is SWEET! So basically I get to play around with electronics and microcontrollers and get paid for it. I'm living the life :-)

One thing I've been able to learn at this new job is PCB design. Below is a picture of my first PCB:

In other news, I'm going to UC Riverside for grad school! I got a 1 year fellowship+stipend in the Electrical Engineering Department. They're also flying me out next week to attend an Open House. Pizza! Sonnie and I are going to Brazil the day after I get home. By the end of Spring Break I will have flown 6 times (not counting layovers). Castaway time!

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