Maze Solver, Graduation, and Such As

19 May 2010

First and foremost: I got on hackaday! Here's a link to the post. For those who don't know, hackaday is a web site that posts random electronics projects and "hacks", and gets quite a bit of traffic. The project I submitted was a final project for ECE 5770, The Autonomous Maze Solver. Two other students and I developed this monster of a maze that would autonomously solve itself, a "self-solving" maze. After the video I threw together for the project (see below) was posted on hackaday it got about 4,000 hits in 24 hours! It was awesome!

In other news, I graduated! I made a few modifications to my hat using an AVR microcontroller, a PCB design from batchpcb, 16 blue high-intensity LEDs, and two 3:8 line decoders (and stuff). Pictures and videos of it in action below:

And, of course, here I am running across a fire:

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